SwissWhisky |Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky | Rock label | Alcohol Review

18 +
WE going to explain the swiss made whisky call as Swiss Mountain Single Malt Whisky Impressively multi-layered whiskey which is characterized by its delicate combination of woody tart notes with vanilla and caramel.


Sunny golden yellow with a hint of Swiss oak.


Pleasantly sweet at the beginning, very smooth, silky smooth texture, then impressive, long-lasting finish.


Sweet sherry notes are ensnared by fresh fruity scented orange peel, light raisins and malty caramel notes. In addition to the subtle smokiness of the retronasal, accentuated cocoa roast aromas come into play, which are rounded off with delicate vanilla notes.


The sweet taste develops and culminates in a complex aroma. The delicate combination of woody, tart aromas with vanilla and caramel lead to a beautiful interplay and an impressive balance. This whiskey surprises with its warmth and flatters the palate with its soft texture. The Swiss oak seems to do him particularly well in this regard.

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